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Toby G and Street Factory dancers on stage at Roots Up to the mass dance STF That's the Fam
Toby G and crew dancing to 'STF That's The Fam'. Photo by Greenbeanz Photography.

November 19th 2021 marked an incredible day for the Plymouth community and surrounding areas, our Street Factory family, and even for the wider scale of UK Hip Hop. After months of hard work and rehearsals behind the scenes, and a few pandemic postponements, we finally had the unforgettable opportunity to showcase what we celebrate every day to our amazing community on a huge stage - Hip Hop, our 10 Elements, and our talented people!

hip hop educator toby g poses on the front of a poster for roots up hip hop festival and mass dance
Roots Up! promotional poster designed by Flo Bonner.

Roots Up! was a phenomenal festival of rap, beatboxing, Hip Hop dance, R&B singers, Hip Hop Theatre, spoken word & DJing. We created a breath-taking line-up and platform where everyone could shine: for many it was their debut and the first time on a public stage! #MakingDreams

We even led a Mass Dance that the community loved getting involved in, and many had been rehearsing throughout the year. Give our tutorial a watch here if you want to give our fun and accessible dance moves a go! For the mass dance, we even released our own Street Factory original song and an exclusive music video which was shot around our beautiful city of Plymouth and made possible by Plymouth businesses - Thank you to all those involved. #Legends. Check out the music video here:

Roots Up! was an empowering and uplifting event for the whole community: connecting families, young people, and people from all different cultures and walks of life. We were overwhelmed to see everyone connecting, jamming & having fun, fulfilling our overall aim to unite from the ‘roots up’. A beautiful example is 86-Year-Old Hip Hop Hilary, who has reignited her passion for dance and has delved right into Hip Hop Culture with Toby G's mentorship (something she had never done before!). Hilary joined us for the event and performed a Hip Hop duet with our Co-CEO Toby G, after rehearsing at our studio over the past few months. This story was so authentic and inspiring that some of our behind the scenes promotional material went viral on social media! The feedback has been outstanding. People of all ages are inspired and are reaching out to us as they could see Hilary has a new lease of life due to Hip Hop and the Street Factory Family. #WeAreOne

Toby G. Photo by Greenbeanz Photography.

Co-founders and CEO Toby G and Jo presenting roots up festival on stage.
Toby G and Jo presenting. Photo by Greenbeanz Photography.

Perry. Photo by Greenbeanz Photography.

On the night we had a huge, warm, and enthusiastic crowd, who were buzzin’ to join in with the dance moves, interactive showcases & our Hip Hop Elements! We are blessed to say this excitement & buzz has been consistent all the way through the lead-up to the event, resulting in us reaching such a large amount of people through various features in local and national media. This consisted of features in the Daily Mirror, The Stage, BBC, and ITV Radio stations, with Hip Hop Hilary and Toby G featuring in The Sun Newspaper with over 30 million readers, as well local journalism. Also, a highlight for the Street Factory crew was appearing on ITV West Country, BBC Spotlight, BBC Radio Devon, and BBC Radio 4's 'Front Row' Programme which is regarded as "the forefront of Art's journalism". We have also featured on Plymouth Live, Plymouth Herald and appearing on Greatest Hits Radio Plymouth and PTown Radio.

DJs and beatboxer pose in Plymouth at Street Factory's Roots Upfestival
DJ Super Dixon, Sick Rick The Beat Masta and DJ Prime. Photo by Matt James.

Crowd cheering in plymouth at Street Factory's Roots Up Festival
Phenomenal audience. Photo by Matt James.

We have reached diverse groups of people and have brought Hip Hop Culture, live music, performing arts, humanity, creativity, and fun to the community through Roots Up!. The feedback proves just that: "Thank you for such an amazing opportunity... was worth it because STF helps you grow your confidence, and you believe in us. I’m so grateful, it’s what I needed, and I appreciate you... I feel like I’m alive again, I feel like I’m me, and I need to dance to be free" - Anon We also showcased the impressive talent of Plymouth and Street Factory, creating a pride in the city 100%: "Last night was more than being about dance and music it was about the fire and passion that goes into the talent you all showed last night." - Anon

Street Factory dancers on stage at Roots Up festival in plymouth
STF Dancers. Photo by Matt James.

Crowd at Plymouth's Roots Up Festival
Crowd. Photo by Matt James.

Street Factory dancers on stage at roots up festival in plymouth
Street Factory Crew. Photo by Matt James.

Finally, and most importantly, the huge Success of Roots Up! and the impact it has made would not have been possible without YOU; our funders and the Street Factory family...

Big Respect to...

  • Our Co-Founders Toby G & Jo for their vision and making Roots Up happen

  • Our artists and performers - you were all phenomenal, and your passion for your craft is beautiful to witness, and we are so proud of your talent

  • Our funders and stakeholders, without you, our event would not have been possible

  • Our volunteers - your hard work does not go unnoticed

  • Matt James Media for filmmaking and capturing our show so incredibly and authentically

  • Our Time to Shine Digital Marketing Manager Flo for the branding, promo material and designs on all marketing channels

  • Our amazing community for all their love and support

We See You - We Value You - We Appreciate You. Thank you & Big Respect. Peace & Love, Street Factory More on Roots Up!

Street Factory crew on stage at roots up festival in plymouth
Roots Up Finale featuring Jman and Rule of Six. Photo by Matt James.

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