We are so proud of our community's strength, and we love to see our people shine. We are buzzin' and blessed to be part of so many journeys and receive phenomenal feedback...


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Thank you Street Factory Family for being the people we need in the world. For making things happen we never thought possible. Sometimes your dreams can seem out of reach, and sometimes you can't always do things on your own, so when you find your soul tribe, those you can reach out to and trust, and those who can reach you, your dreams really can come true.

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My brother is on a journey of overcoming addiction and cancer, and he called me [...] to tell me the things he has been doing with you and your project. Hearing him speak with such passion, animation, and hope for the first time in many, many years gave me goosebumps. Hearing him talk about feeling a connection [...] just fills me with so much hope and happiness for him. He's on a challenging journey that can often be so dark and full of shame, so to hear that he's doing something creative [...] makes my soul sing too!

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I'm so proud to be part of STF and all it stands for [...]. It helps you grow your confidence and you believe in us. I'm so grateful, it's what I needed [...]. I feel like I'm alive again, I feel like I'm me, and I need to dance to be free, and it's just an amazing, emotional thing for me [...]. All the things you do have such a massive, positive impact on so many people.

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